Our Packages

Standard Listing

  • Free Business Listing 
  • 100 Word Business Description 
  • New Listings Added To The Bottom Of Section 
  • Website Listing 
  • Social Media URL’s
  • Business Address, Email, Phone Number
  • Submissions Entered At Staffs Convenience 
  • No Deep Links 
  • No Guarantee Of Lifetime Listing

Premium Listing

  • One Time Payment 
  • Entered 48-72 Hours After Submission 
  • 500 Word Business Description 
  • Website Listing
  • 3 Deep Links
  • New Listings Added To The Top Of Each Section
  • Lifetime Listing 
  • Business Address, Email, Phone Number
  • Social Media URL’s

If you have any problems with your submission please email us at Qualdirect@gmail.com and a representative will help you with your problem 

Submission Policies

  • All sites and businesses are subject to review upon submission, and if necessary a staff member may remove or deny any link submitted or currently in our directory. (Refund will be issued)
  • If a link is required to be removed in 48 hours or less there will be a $10 charge to the owner of the listing 
  • Please do not submit any listings that contain malware, spam, or any other harmful content you will be automatically denied. 
  • Our directory accepts multiple regions; however, all links are to be submitted in English regardless of region.
  • One submission per website
  • Please select a proper category and subcategory for your business 
  • Do not stuff keywords in your submissions 
  • Please use proper punctuation, no excessive capital letters, no extra characters.
  • Sites lacking content, or strictly Adsense or affiliate based sites are not accepted
  • Redirect URLs are not accepted